Benjamin SULTAN, formerly Trader for a Hedge Fund in Shenzhen, and Thibaud SULTAN, jurist specialized in Business Law, founded CryptElite in 2018.


CryptElite is a firm that aims to grow its clients'​ digital wealth, train and advise them in the field of cryptoassets (crypto-monetary investment and trading activity) and Blockchain technology (operation, uses and challenges).

Benjamin SULTAN
Head of Trading



Passionate about finance and the business world, I graduated from the prestigious Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, where I studied for 4 years.

I then became a Junior Trader for a Forex trading firm, before being recruited and evolving as a Currency Trader for the Chinese Hedge Fund Hongsen Capital, a subsidiary of Hongsen Group and based in Shenzhen.

In 2018, I decided to found the company CryptElite and to devote my skills to the Cryptoasset market.

Thibaud SULTAN
Head of Compliance



It is in 2013 that I discovered Bitcoin and its underlying technology the blockchain. I was instantly fascinated by this new technology, both as a new practical instrument and as a subject for reflection on money.


In 2018, my brother and I joined forces to create CryptElite.


A former student of the Faculty of Law Pantheon-Sorbonne, I am in charge of all the legal and tax aspects within our company.

International Development

Initiated in finance in 2012, I have, as part of my business studies, developed a strong interest in human behaviour and its decision-making in the financial markets.

Fluent in Russian, English, Mandarin and French, my mission at CryptElite is to develop the company internationally.


Laval Mayenne Technopole

6, rue Léonard de Vinci

53000 LAVAL



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