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  Access to our Long-term Portfolio





Trading Signals

  Automated Trading

Private Community Channel

Personal Trading Journal

Tutorials and Video Guides

 Interactives Graphical Analyses

  Access to our Long-term Portfolio





Trading Signals

 Automated Trading

Private Community Channel

Personal Trading Journal

Tutorials and Video Guides

 Interactives Graphical Analyses

✓ Access to our Long-term Portfolio

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Do you want to grow your Cryptoasset portfolio, rather than HODL*
and remain passive without seizing market opportunities?

Benefit from trading and long-term investment signals, (both buy and sell) from our institutional Trader, expert in Forex and Cryptoasset market.

Our goal :
Grow your Cryptoasset capital.

Our performance** (in EUR):

Year 2020 : +12,67 %

CryptElite aims at growing our clients' capital while protecting it.

After working at proprietary trading firms and hedge funds for years, we have developed discretionary swing trading strategies based on price action reading and the law of large numbers.

Our thorough price analyses and efficient risk management have given us a statistical edge, which allows us to successfully perform on the Cryptoasset market. We usually ride powerful price movements that can last for days or weeks.

We are 100% transparent in our track-record. No fake performance, promises or gambling. We keep risk management consistent in every single trade and have small drawdowns so that our clients can follow our signals with trust and serenity.

*HODL is a term used in the field of cryptoassets, it is derived from a misspelling of "hold" and refers to the purchasing and long-term preservation strategies of cryptoassets.
**Our performance is verifiable on our Trading Journal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Whether you are at work, in the middle of an appointment,
on vacation or sleeping, don't miss any Signal!

Resulting from a collaboration with the team of developers at, this API-based solution allows you to replicate our trades automatically on your account, without having to place an order manually after we send our Signals, and without delegating your funds to us.


Simply link your exchanges accounts to your account and set the capital amount you want to allocate to Automated Trading.

Your Cryptoassets are and remain at all times on your exchanges accounts.

Semi-Auto or Auto
Keep control

You can validate the automation for each trade on a case-by-case basis, or accept the automation for all future trades.

This option can be modified at any time, you alone decide!

For each trade in progress, you can modify, cancel or sell it instantly at the market price.

Order accuracy
Live trade management

All the parameters of a trade are taken into account: exchange, order type, price, stop-loss, take-profit, and position size proportional to the capital.

Any changes made to ongoing trades, and any early closures are automatically taken into account.

Powered by

The ZEN offer includes the price of the subscription, which is required for the Automated trading service to run successfully.

Discuss and learn with our Trader and community members,
share your knowledge and good tips, or simply ask for help.

Self-help and learning community

Personalized support 7 days a week

Additional resources

Together, learn to better understand the Cryptoasset market, by interacting with our Trader and all members of our Community.
Our team is available 7 days a week, directly on the private Community Channel, to answer all your questions or needs.
Access many tools and resources to get the most out of your subscription: Tutorials & Online Video Guides to track and use our Signals, Personal Trading Journal, quick links to our websites and favorite tools.

In addition to our trading activity on the Cryptoasset market, we also manage a portfolio focused on the Long-Term.

Indeed, we have a strong interest in this new asset class and believe strongly in a bright future for some of them.

Access our Long-Term Portfolio 24 hours a day:

  • Find out what cryptoassets we hold and in what proportion.


  • Be informed as soon as we add a new Cryptoasset.


  • Be informed as soon as we sell all or part of our portfolio to protect us from a decline in the market price.


Our Trader makes his own Graphic Analyses available to you.

Follow our Graphical Analyses on BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD pairs and on a random bonus altcoin every day:

  • interactively

  • in real time

  • detailed

  • 24-hour access

Beat the market and investors with trading signals from
our professional Trader.
Access all our trading
signals within seconds
of our position.
Our performance is verifiable
via our Trading Journal listing each of our trades.
Ease of use
Receive our trading signals on all your devices via Telegram, a secure messaging application.
The risk of each of our trades is calculated, controlled and limited,
to guarantee you full peace of mind.
Whether you are a beginner or experienced, enjoy a community channel dedicated to mutual help and assistance.
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